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 UMED District Plan Update 


The purpose of this project is to update and complete a district plan for the UMED District.  The plan is intended to guide growth and development in the UMED District while ensuring that all organizations are allowed the opportunity to fulfill their individual missions.  The plan will provide a framework for continued development of educational, health, housing, commercial, and public infrastructure and programs for the integral health and education elements of the Anchorage economy.

Project documents

For current on-line documents, please follow the link: 

University and Medical District Framework Master Plan (2003) 

3500 Tudor Rd Master Plan (2007) 

Public Participation

There will be a number of public workshops and outreach opportunities for the interested public, UMED District residents, students, employees, organizations, and business owners to comment and be involved in the decision-making process.  Public Meetings scheduled to date are listed below.  FAQ Sheet, May 2013    

Planned Timeline

Draft Plan – Spring 2014
Final Plan – Summer-Fall 2014
Approved Plan – December 2014

Contact Information

Project Manager:  Kristine Bunnell, Senior Planner
Phone:  (907) 343-7993

Mailing Address
Long-Range Planning Section
Planning Division
Community Development Department
P.O. Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99519-6650