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Our city has many residents who will need additional help during and after an emergency or disaster. They may need help evacuating, getting out of bed, or may be vision impaired and just need an escort to dinner. These individuals are important to the Municipality of Anchorage and we want to do as much as we can to provide the extra support they need to stay safe and healthy during an emergency. The FANS Team is part of a larger effort within the City to prepare to support individuals with access and functional needs when disaster strikes.

Functional and Access Needs Support (FANS) Teams are  teams of volunteer Primary Care Associates who are trained to assist in meeting the needs of Anchorage residents with functional and access needs during evacuation and sheltering operations.

FANS teams will assist the American Red Cross in MOA- designated shelters by:

       Assisting with functional needs assessments

       Providing non-medical personal care assistance to shelter residents

       Identifying service and equipment needs of shelter residents

FANS teams will assist the MOA with the evacuation of medically fragile residents and residents with functional disabilities. This will include providing assistance with service animals and pets, loading necessary durable medical equipment onto paratransit vehicles, along with assisting individuals in boarding paratransit vehicles.

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Recruiting Poster
Who can volunteer?

Anyone who has passed the State’s background check in the past year for working as a PCA, LPN or RN.

What is the application process?
  • Complete the application
  • Send it to the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for review
  • OEM reviews it to ensure you are qualified
  • OEM checks employment reference
  • You receive email notification that you are qualified and providing information to complete the Red Cross background check
  • Complete the Red Cross background check online at no cost to you
  • You receive email notification that you did/did not pass the background check
  • Complete Red Cross volunteer profile
Why do I have to complete a Red Cross background check and volunteer profile?

To work in a Red Cross shelter, you must have passed the Red Cross’s background check. As long as you haven’t had criminal issues since passing the State’s check, you shouldn’t worry about passing it.

Completing the Red Cross volunteer profile allows us to more effectively manage and communicate with volunteers in this program. You will also be able to update your own information and availability online and schedule yourself for FANS Team shifts during an emergency. You do not have to volunteer for anything else unless you would like to.

What training is required?

Training for the FANS Team involves a 1 day, 8 hour training course and participation in a full scale sheltering exercise with the Red Cross and the Municipality of Anchorage to practice what you learned in training.

Have more questions? Email the Programs Manager at or call 343-1400

What will I learn and do in the training?

The training will teach you about:

  • Team activation and notification
  • How you will help individuals being evacuated
  • How you will help individuals in a shelter
  • Types of shelters
  • Red Cross sheltering operations
  • Red Cross Intake Tool
What will I be doing for the shelter exercise?

You will be providing services to shelter clients with disabilities and functional needs and assisting the Red Cross with ensuring the shelter services and information are available and accessible to these individuals.

Do I have to participate in the shelter exercise?

Yes. This is the final piece of your training for the program. You will not be spending the entire night in the shelter, just one shift of 4-6 hours and a debriefing meeting after the exercise.

What if I can’t guarantee I will be available when an emergency happens?

We expect that not everyone will be available all the time. We don’t know in advance when we will need your help or how many people we will need. If you get a call and you are not available, simply let us know through the automated call system.

Where do I get an application?

CLICK HERE and then submit via US Mail, fax or email.


FANS Team                  

1305 E Street                    Anchorage, AK 99501


FAX: 907-343-7564

When is the training?
    • Emergency Management
    • Director: Kevin Spillers
    • 1305 E Street, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-1401