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Health and Human Services

Alaska Native Guide to Anchorage

Alaska Native Relocation Guide

Senior Services/Aging and Disabilities Resource Center

Air Quality

Merril Field Airborne Lead Study Fact Sheet

Merril Field Lead Study

Anchorage Benzene Monitoring Studies Fact Sheet

Anchorage Outdoor Benzene Study Phase 1

Indoor Benzene Concentrations in Homes with Attached Garages

Alaska Homeless Management Information System

Anchorage Animal Care and Control

Anchorage Memorial Cemetery

Anchorage Safety Center and Patrol

Chart of Five Key Measures 2004-2009

2014 ASP Report

2013 ASP Report

2012 ASP Report

2011 ASP Report

2010 CSP Report

2009 CSP Report

2008 CSP Report

2007 CSP Report

Child Care Licensing

Disease Prevention and Control

Emergency Prepredness


Reproductive Health

Women, Infants, and Children

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