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Parks and Recreation


Recreation Programs

The Parks and Recreation Department provides activities thoughout the year that promote a healthy lifestyle and build community. You can browse and register for activities using the new online ActiveNet system as well as the Activity Guide. Registration is also available through the recreation centers and outdoor centers in person or over the phone.

Activity Guide
Activity Calendar
ActiveNet Online 

Alaska Runners Calendar

Special Events

  • Tikes on Trikes- August 10th
  • Bird Cherry Pull- August 11th

  • Run it Back Tournament-October 16

  • Haunted Trails- October 23

  • Cobweb Carnival- October 30

  • Hallow Hoop Tourney- October 31

  • Turkey Trot- November 14

  • Flashlight Candy Cane Hunt- December 4

  • Family Ski Day- December 5

  • Gingerbread House/ Holiday Carnival- December 12

Education & Special Interests

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
  • American Red Cross Babysitting Course  
  • Girl Circle   
  • Scottish Courntry Dancing
  • Traditional English Morris Dance

Preschool & Toddler

Health and Fitness

  • Beginning Tai Chi
  • Karate and Aikido
  • Kripalu Yoga
  • Open Badminton
  • Senior Volleyball
  • Senior Tennis
  • Shotokan Karate
  •  Spenard Boxing
  • Strength Camp
  • Yoga for Fun and Fitness
  • Youth Taekwondo And Hapkido
  • Zumba and Strength Training with Adison

Outdoor Recreation

  • Archery
  • Bonny Sosa tuesday Night Races
  • Little Nordic Ski Club
  • Muni Masters Cross Country Skate Ski
  • Beginning- Adult Classic Ski Lessons
  • Beginning- Adult Skate Ski Lessons
  • Beginning- Children's Classical Ski


  • Winter Vacation Camp  
    • Dec 21  Mon 8a-4:30p 12:30-4:30pm $35/day
    • Dec 22 Tues 8a-4:30p 12:30-4:30pm $35/day
    • Dec 23  Wed 8a-4:30p 12:30-4:30pm $35/day
    • Dec 28  Mon 8a-4:30p 12:30-4:30pm $35/day
    • Dec 29 Tues 8a-4:30p 12:30-4:30pm $35/day
    • Dec 30  Wed 8a-4:30p 12:30-4:30pm $35/day

Parks & Recreation is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities upon written request of the individual, parent, or guardian. Individuals with disabilities requiring an accommodation to participate in an activity or program should request such accommodation in a timely manner and submit to the Program Leader or Coordinator of the activity or program.

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