Photo by: Jerrianne Lowther,

Volunteer Coordinator SFCC

Scenic Foothills Community Council


At present volunteers plant and maintain 18,000 annual flowers.  They are planted within one of our 59 sites that are located from city parks to right-of-ways and medians.  The adopted groups expand from women marines to adult day care participants, from girl scouts to the Friends of Chugak Foothills.  65% of the groups have maintained their adopted gardens since the spot was dedicated as a volunteer flower site.

Volunteers pick up their plants at the Municipal Greenhouse and then plant, weed, and water all summer. Since most parks have no access to water, gardeners even have to provide their own water!

Adopt-A-Garden Agreement

The groups are asked to sign an agreement every year before the sites are planted.  This agreement specifies what MOA and the specific group responsibility’s are.   

Tips and keeping your garden bright and healthy!!


2012 Gardeners at work!


Picking up flowers at the greenhouse             Our friends at Bob and Arlene Cross Park        Our friends at Kincaid Chalet