Adopt-A-Trail is a program in which volunteers provide care and maintenance within our 250 miles of trails.  Adopt-A-Trail is a team effort between volunteers and Anchorage Parks and Recreation to enhance the quality of our extensive trail system.

Why should I volunteer?

By investing a little valuable time you can help by picking up litter and reporting vandalism. Showing that you care about a park can prevent vandalism. A sign is posted on that trail section recognizing you and your organization.  

For more information contact our Anchorage Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator at or call at 343-4587  

Who can Adopt a Trail?

Volunteers are individuals, groups or organizations of all ages who share a common interest in keeping our parks clean and  wish to have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

How can I get involved?

Do you have a trail section in your community that you would like to adopt? Contact the volunteer coordinator to help you pick an activity and location that works for you.

Volunteer guidelines and responsibilities