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Impaired Driving is 100% Preventable – Do Your Part to Keep Our Streets Safe

So far in 2013, Anchorage has lost five citizens to impaired driving. This comes after our community went more than 14 months without any impaired driving fatalities. The Anchorage Police Department strives to keep our streets safe and asks you to help us in our efforts by not driving impaired.Citizens can also help by being REDDI (reporting every dangerous driver immediately).  To help with enforcement efforts, APD has been working with the Anchorage Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association where volunteers have been providing DUI detection patrols on the weekends. 

Learn when and where DUI arrests are made in our community  (this information is updated weekly).  

Plan Ahead – Don’t Drive Impaired

  • If you know you will be drinking, have a plan for NOT driving. Use a designated driver or call a cab. Some local establishments provide free cab vouchers.
  • Use Anchorage CHARR’s "Off the Road" program. There are currently 45 participating establishments in the program, including many popular downtown bars and restaurants. All you have to do is ask a bartender or server in a participating licensed establishment for the “Off the Road” service. The establishment calls a taxi with two drivers. At no cost to you, you ride in one taxi while another taxi driver follows you home driving your vehicle so you and your vehicle are returned home safely. For more information on the program call Anchorage CHARR at (907) 646-4628.
  • Worried about leaving your vehicle? Call Vulcan Towing. For $65 they will tow your vehicle and give you a ride home anywhere within the Anchorage Municipality.
  • Live on JBER? JBADD has a program providing free shuttle service home to military personnel and their spouses. Military members can take advantage of this service by calling 384-RIDE (7433).